Premiere 2 day music party/festival event in Honolulu, Hawaii (11/13/15 & 11/14/15) #LoveFestHawaii.
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  • Message From DJ G-Spot On Love Fest Hawaii 2015/2016

Message From DJ G-Spot On Love Fest Hawaii 2015/2016

It might seem odd or not that far away to some of the Fellow LoveFreaks out there.

But its' nothing new to Spot.

We "DJs" popped warehouse doors and locks: 2 hours after we announced. This music party scene we all Love was started by DJs who just wanted a place to DJ. That was it. DJs wanted a place to play. There were No Promoters. Just a Party, Just a warehouse and done by DJs.

Love is going back to the roots of scene and expanding to two days of Love. Love Fest Hawaii Started in a WareHouse and a Parking lot, last Millennium. We always had ambitions of doing one last real true to the culture warehouse Rave (EDM) party. In 2016 Love Fest Hawaii will be broadcast AGAIN around the world via the BBC Radio 1. The 1st event to take place at Kakaako Waterfront Park was "Phuture Hawaii" on December 31, 1999 and the event was FREE to all and put on by a DJ; DJ G-SPOT.

The Honolulu Advertiser (Friday January 7, 2000, page 5) "… estimated 25,000 people dropped in over the course of the party, from late afternoon New Years Eve to 6am the next day to take in the lineup of live music and deejays."

MIXER Magazine (March 2000): "DJ G-SPOT expected a minimum of 5000, since it was FREE and Carl Cox {The #1 DJ in World at the Time} was spinning. There were 15,000 at peak and more throughout the night. "Honolulu's an International city and there were a lot of Canadians, people from the West Coast and England. I think a lot of people came to see Carl, and why not, Its' Hawaii. It was outside at a State Park and the Official Millennium party of The State Of Hawaii. We were in between two firework shows and the Ocean was our background. I had to deal with a lot of politicians who just knew the BBC [radio, TV, who broadcasted the party to the U.K. and beyond] was involved. It was a great success and we're considering doing it again." Said DJ G-SPOT

Ka Leo O Hawaii (University of Hawaii at Manoa Newspaper: Vol. XCVI issue No, 132 April 2000): story entitled "DJ G-SPOT, Hawaii's Top Promoter, is transforming the Islands into a Rave Haven with his Love for The Music"

High Surf Advisory Magazine (issue #8 JAN/FEB 2000{mag now defunt}: "DJ G-SPOT lived up to the billing. 12 hours of non-stop music on 4 stages and over 15,000 people celebrated the new millennium with some of the best DJS in the world."

"Once we Broadcast via the BBC worldwide 2016 and Every year thereafter from Hawaii's Blessed Land, There is no going back. It was Started by DJs.

Welcome Back 2 Da Underground."



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