Premiere 2 day music party/festival event in Honolulu, Hawaii (11/13/15 & 11/14/15) #LoveFestHawaii.
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  • Love Fest Hawaii Entertainment / Talent

Love Fest Hawaii Entertainment / Talent
The Love Fest Hawaii is packed with talent this year. Below is link to Friday Stage, Saturday stage and multiple profile links for both Friday and Saturday.

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DJ Jesse Saunders (Sat)
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Hieroglyphics (Fri)
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Wayne Williams (Sat)
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Mr Vegas (Fri)
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Keith Mckenzy (Sat)
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Maleko (MC) (Fri/Sat)
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Rob Gee (Sat)
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Smookie Illson (Sat)
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DJ Irie Dole (Fri)
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Ciara Price (Fri/Sat)
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DJ Sophia Lin (Fri/Sat)
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Justeena XO (Fri/Sat)
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Chosen Few DJ's (Sat)
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Outdoor Stage - Chosen Few Djs - FRIDAY 11/13/2015
Check out the talent/entertainment at this stage. DJ, dancing and just plain fun! More...
Indoor Club Stage - FRIDAY 11/13/2015
Check out the talent/entertainment at this stage. DJ, dancing and just plain fun! More...
Outdoor Stage - Chosen Few Djs - SATURDAY 11/14/2015
Check out the talent/entertainment at this stage. DJ, dancing and just plain fun! More...
Indoor Club Stage - SATURDAY 11/14/2015
Check out the talent/entertainment at this stage. DJ, dancing and just plain fun! More...
The Love Shack VIP Area - FRIDAY & SATURDAY 11/13/2015 & 11/14/2015
Check out the talent/entertainment at this area. DJ, dancing and just plain fun! More...

DJ Jesse Saunders
Recognized as not only the "Originator" of House, Electronic and DANCE MUSIC, but its Ambassador as well... View video, links and more...
Wayne Williams
From local DJ to major record label executive to producer of one of the world's largest house events, music is the story of Wayne Williams' life. Noted for being the first DJ to bring disco from Chicago's underground, gay dance clubs to a young, receptive audience on Chicago's south side, Wayne quickly became an in-demand DJ as a teenager, playing a different party every night.
Rob Gee
Rob GEE is famous all across The Universe as "the hardest DJ to ever play the Limelight in NYC."
DJ Frankie Bones
Frankie Bones is an American techno and house music disc jockey from New York City. He is best known for bringing the rave culture to the United States after playing at a hangar party in the UK during 1989.
Keith Mckenzy
Keith MacKenzie has emerged as one of the driving forces behind the global breakbeat scene, regularly gigging across the US and Europe. Now based in Chicago, Keith spent his formative years in the now legendary Florida rave scene racking up early credits on influential labels like DJ Icey's Zone Records and After Dark before launching his own label.
Ciara Price (Playmate Miss November)
DJ Sophia Lin (Playboys Playmate)
Justeena XO (Miss Jungle Nigril Jamaica)
Smookie Illson
Smookie Illson is a collaborative music project aimed at injecting the dance scene with a distinct take on bass music. The first demos by the secretive trio were quickly snapped up by James Amato's Potty Mouth Music and released in the fall of 2012. The trio would soon find their footing in the emerging 808-led bass scene.
Chosen Few DJ's
House music pioneers | DJs | producers
DJ SoundSex (Miko Franconi)
Fronted by the younger brother of Dance music LEGEND, Superstar Dj Keoki, Miko Franconi has been living up to his name the moment he stepped up to the decks.
Irie Dole
DJ Coop D'ville
At age 18, started djing in Miami night clubs and opened for Hip Hop groups such as: Jeru, Gangstar, Onyx, Wu Tang, Cypress Hill and several others. Currently living in Honolulu as a producer/songwriter working with International Reggae.
AnT_EyE: Is a new up and coming DJ in the ever growing and vibrant Honolulu nightlife scene. AnT_EyE was mentored and classically trained in the ancient art of beat matching by the very talented DJ Hi-Lo.

  • Hieroglyphics
    Oakland-based Hieroglyphics are an underground rap collective who, at their best, combine an offbeat sensibility with a strong grounding in battle rhyming, freestyling, and other hip-hop traditions. All the members enjoy their own separate careers. More...
  • Mr Vegas - Reggae Dancehall King! More...
  • Maleko (MC)
    You can find Maleko weekly hosting events at nightclubs, live music events, charity fundraisers, auctions and even conventions.
  • Taharba James - Dj Sovern-T - Treehaus Productions
    A Club Promoting- Bass Playing -DJ That Loves Music, Vegetarian Food, and Opportunity.
  • DJ Positive Regime
    Heralded as one of the "The Downtempo Don" from Positive Regime Sound System, this selector has a solid fixture in reputation letting all the positive motionist rejoice in spirit and dance.
  • DJ Jrama (Stone Groove Family)
    Name a club, I've spun there... name a radio station, guaranteed I've been kicked off it. Been a Hip Hop DJ since the day I 1st touched 2 technics and I've stayed true to that for almost 20 years now.
  • DJ Freeze
    DJ Freeze has been a member of the Legendary Stone Groove Family (SGF) for over 15 years. DJ'n for 2 decades, SGF started the premise of doing club nights in restaurants and capturing late night audiences with class & skills.

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